April 22, 2009

The Most Overlooked Home Security Device

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As I’ve been looking around the forums and different news sites one of the things that I’ve noticed is the relative ignorance of driveway alarms. Granted they’re useful only for single family residences and possibly duplexes and townhomes, but it is a useful tool in your self defense arsenal nonetheless. Many people ask what the best home alarm system is or the best home security company, and quite a few miss this one simple item.

A driveway alarm is a simple motion alarm with dialing capabilities. Much like a do it yourself home security system, you can set a driveway alarm to phone if it is set off.  Other all inclusive residential alarm systems have a base unit in the house that notifies you if someone has set off a particular motion sensor.   This is very important. With motion alarms in place you know instantly if someone is approaching your home and have time to prepare.

Many times home invaders like to pretend that they are a service worker or need directions or something to get you to open your door.  Or perhaps they’re the new breed of home invaders who kick in your door pretending to be police.  In those cases people don’t have much time to get themselves ready and activate their safety plans, so anything that would increase the chance of acting in the face of a threat rather than reacting to the threat is helpful.

The Voice Alarm 6 is one such device.  It consists of a wireless sensor and base unit.  Additional wireless sensors can be added to expand coverage, up to six sensors per base unit.  This can provide coverage for a wide variety of areas iincluding front and back doors, ground floor windows, pools, etc.  Coverage can also be tailored to your unique needs.

The Voice alarm 6 can have up to six motion detectors provide early warning for visitors, both expected and unexpected.  They’re also great if you own a pool and have little ones running around.  It’s every parent’s nightmare that their child might have an accident involving the pool.  Let’s face it, kids are adventurous, if you tell them they can’t do something, they’ll probably do it.

If you set one of the Voice Alarm 6 motion detectors around the pool, you’ll know when your kid has decided to do a little forbidden exploration into dangerous territory.  So even if you’re busy in another part of the home, the Voice Alarm 6 will be ever vigilant, protecting you and your family.  Then you can intervene and make sure they know why they aren’t supposed to play around the pool without adult supervision.

Overall the addition of a wireless residential alarm system can make you much more secure and safe in the home.  Using a do it yourself kit can be a cheap way of reaping all the benefits of a home alarm system while avoiding the high cost of a monitoring service.  Another final benefit of doing it your way is that you are forced to think about your security and as a result adopt an active defense, rather than the let someone else worry about it passive defense that tipify many home alarm companies.