March 29, 2009

More on pepper spray

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I did forget one other type of pepper spray.  There’s a foam type of spray that can be used in certain situations.  One of the benefits is that it can be used in windy/rainy weather and still maintain it’s effectiveness.  The main benefit, however is the fact that in order to get the foam off, the criminal has to wipe it off the affected area.  In essence this forces someone to grind the foam deeper into the mouth, nose and eyes.

The main drawback is the limited range of the product.  You pretty much have to be in hand to hand range, “decicively engaged” as our military likes to call it, but as an “at all costs” measure, it’s very effective.

To recap, pepper sprays are great for delaying an attacker and giving you time to summon help.  Pepper sprays are inflammatory agents that affect the eyes, nose and mouth of the attacker.  Remember, they stop focusing on hurting you and focus all of their attention on the fact that they have to think about breathing.

Pepper spray effectiveness is measured by the percentage content of OC agent and SHU which is a measure of the “hotness” of the spray.  Pepper sprays come in several types of dispensers.  Stream sprays like the cops use, cone sprays and fogger sprays which can be used as area denial tools and foam, which can be the most devastating type of delivery, but has the drawback of being very limited in range.

A final note concerns bear sprays.  They are usually fogger type sprays which are ideal because you don’t want to engage a bear up close and personal.  So you’ll use them on a bear at the range of 15-20 feet.  The formulation is about 2 percent OC which makes it legal in places like Michigan and Wisconsin.  So yes, you can also use bear spray against humans, dogs, other animals, etc.  Also not only do the several states have differing laws about the use, formulation and who can sell pepper spray, so too do certain cities have laws regarding the sale, posession and use of pepper spray.  Protect yourself from lawsuits and/or criminal charges and get to know your state and local laws concerning pepper sprays.  You’ll save yourself a lot of grief in the future.


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